Joudagh furniture Indonesia is a company engaged in the supplier and manufacturer of Jepara Furniture.

We are located on Jl.RMP.Sosrokartono km 6,5 kecapi RT 25 Rw 05 – Tahunan – Jepara – Central Java – Indonesia

Serving Furniture Orders & Custom Orders

We serve furniture and furniture sales both online and offline, the prices we offer are very reasonable and competitive because our goods are produced by us & work directly with the furniture craftsmen in Jepara so that the prices we get are very cheap and the quality of our products is always maintained.

Jepara Furniture Wood Raw Materials

We use a lot of Teak, Mahogany & Iron as raw material for making Furniture and our other Products. The material we use is quality and Choice Wood material in order to get maximum product results, quality and maintain its durability.

Low Price Is Not Cheap

Low prices are identical to cheap goods, not necessarily, we also understand buyers with a variety of choices depending on demand and you can modify according to your request and budget. But in some superior products we cannot make adjustments in order to maintain the quality of these products.

Inexpensive: This is evidenced by cutting marketing distribution channels, because we as suppliers. It means that the low price here is not to reduce the quality of the material we use, but it is this cutting in distribution channels that makes our prices cheaper.

Directly from Craftsmen: The price we offer is very reasonable according to the level of material raw materials that we use.

Real: We have a Measured Cost & Profit Structure so that prices from the initial agreement until the goods are sent remain fixed without changes. Prices may change if there is a change in custom orders or the addition of furniture accessories.

In accordance with the Market: We are in Jepara as a furniture center where most of the residents work as producers and sellers of furniture. Of course in determining the price we see the condition of competition among furniture sellers in Jepara.

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Hery Purwanto

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